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About 'Designs for Fitness' and Mr. Jack Medina, M.A.

Designs for Fitness is a consulting firm dedicated to educating the public about nutrition, exercise, stress management and injury prevention. Jack Medina has been designing fitness programs for people of all ages and abilities for more than thirty years. He lectures throughout the World, inspiring people to improve their personal wellness and live more balanced, healthy lives. His unique ability to motivate his audiences through his highly informative and exceptionally entertaining seminars have brought him world wide recognition and appreciation. His dynamic and eloquent delivery, mixed with good humor and demonstrations, make Jack Medina's presentations a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Mr. Medina has practical answers to many of the health problems that plague industry. Back problems, inflexible muscles, fatigue, excessive body fat, stress and weak cardiovascular functions account for much suffering and high medical costs. Mr. Medina addresses these issues and offers effective methods for eliminating these problems. The information is realistic and meaningful in today's world where time is at a premium.

In businesses, at conventions and meetings, Mr. Medina has influenced thousands of people to improve their lifestyle by taking responsibility for their own personal health. From executives to corporate employees; from professional athletes to senior citizens, his message has a powerful impact. Because of his years of diversified experience with groups and individuals, he understands the problems. More importantly, Jack Medina provides solutions!

Jack Medina's dynamic presentation will turn a dry, ho-hum conference or meeting into a memorable event. Members will leave with a renewed spirit and the tools needed to pursue a more balanced and productive way of life.

Jack Medina received his bachelors and Masters Degree in Physical Education from San Jose State University. He began his coaching career at Homestead high School in Cupertino, California. Moving on to California State University in Northridge, Jack developed nineteen All-American gymnasts and three national event champions.

Jack Medina's success led him to International Competition where he worked with many of the top gymnasts in the world, including the USA's Cathy Rigby. He also served as a strength and conditioning consultant for the Oakland Raiders, Los Angeles Rams, Seattle Seahawks and Golden State Warriors. Jack implemented and supervised a "Stress Management-Wellness" program for Los Alamos National Laboratory and their 10,000 employees.

Jack Medina has been lecturing throughout the World for more than 35 years, inspiring thousands of people to take charge of their lives. He is the author of numerous articles on Health issues and 4 books: "The Winning Edge: Fueling & Training The Body For Peak Performance" and "More Fuel For The Winning Edge," "PowerPack for the Winning Edge", and "Nutripoints & Optimal Nutrition", co-authored by Dr. Roy Vartabedian, Dr.P.H., M.P.H. He is an active member of the American College of Sports Medicine, and a certified Fitness Specialist by the Cooper Aerobics Center in Dallas, Texas, one of the most prestigious in the world.

Jack has worked with many of the best orthopedists, chiropractors and physical therapist in the world and has been the featured guest on many radio and television shows.


Jack Medina's career spans more than thirty years of intense involvement with personal health. He currently devotes much of his time lecturing to the public; conveying his knowledge and inspiring audiences to take charge of their lives. We invite you to join those who have benefited from having had the opportunity to hear him speak.