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COACH - I Know You Know This
I know you know this: a muscle cell either works 100% or it doesn't work at all. Would it be important, in your sport, that every muscle cell is working 100% when you need it?

If this is true, what's the primary fuel for a muscle cell? CARBOHYDRATES (fruits, vegetables, grains). Good sports nutrition research suggests that athletes need a minimum of up to 13 servings of fresh fruits & vegetables every day or they limit the possibility of delivering maximum fuel to the working muscle cell, which can limit the possibility of reaching peak performance no matter how hard they train. How many athletes you know do this?

I have the answer, but first understand that I donít work with the sports performance enhancement supplement industry because of the lack of good research on most products. Most research, if any, is only done on individual ingredients or a "key" ingredient, and may or may not have been done on athletes.

Personally, I will not lower my professional ethics & personal integrity to support any supplement that is not backed by good 3rd party, peer reviewed/published research. I only work with whole food nutrition; in fact, I work with the most scientifically documented, whole food based, nutritional concentrate in history.

If you have an interest please let me know!

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