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Energy Drink Warning
There was a great segment on Energy Drinks on the Dr. Oz, M.D. show and I thought you should be aware of what is going on in this "product" field. Dr. Oz thinks these products should be considered a drug and is concerned about addiction--I agree.

Millions of people turn to energy drinks every day for a quick pick me up. But are they safe? Dr. Oz reveals the truth about energy drink addiction.

Youíre exhausted; youíre desperate for a boost of energy, so you reach for a supercharged energy drink. Donít be fooled! There is more to that so called "Buzz" than you think. You may feel a quick energy boost, but then you crash--and sometimes you crash hard.

At what possible cost to your health do you take these drinks? The amount of caffeine in these drinks is staggering! In some products there is triple the amount in a regular cup of coffee; and caffeine is addictive and can be dangerous. It can cause anxiety, raise havoc with your stomach and even cause heart arrhythmias.

So how worried should you be? What do you watch out for? These products are completely unregulated by the FDA so we donít even know whatís in them. It is estimated that energy drink sales will reach 9 billion dollars by the end of 2011. Not only are you getting caffeine, you are getting unregulated substances, and getting them in huge quantities that can be very, very dangerous. There are substances put in these drinks you donít know about like Guarana, Kola Nut, Yerba Mate, Cocoa and others. They will boost the caffeine of the drink up but we donít know how much extra caffeine they have because they arenít included on the label. The FDA says up to 400 mg of caffeine, up to four cups of coffee, is safe. But itís not just the amount of caffeine listed on the label, its other ingredients that have caffeine in them, that are not on the label, and they kick the amount of actual caffeine up. So you donít know how much total caffeine these energy drinks actually have.

For the first time, the medical effects of these drinks have been studied in one of the most reputable scientific journals and the results are shocking and scary. Itís caffeine toxicity! Liver damage, kidney failure, heart failure, seizures and heart attacksóa 23 year old had a heart attack from drinking theseóand even death.

You are putting your lives at risk by drinking these things. You can die from them!

How do I get off this stuff, the amount of caffeine? Donít withdraw cold turkey because you will suffer withdrawals like vomiting and splitting headaches. So taper slowly and slide into other drinks that have less caffeine in them but are good for you, like organic white tea and coffee yogurt.

Remember, the short-term energy you get from these drinks leaves you with less energy than when you started, after their effect wears off. If you are tired, you need rest, otherwise you are burning the candle at both ends and your body and health will suffer. Itís not worth it!

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