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From Jack Medina, M.A.


A coach owes it to his or her athletes to keep them updated on latest training information and nutrition.

As an example, a muscle cell will not perform up to maximum capacity unless a maximum amount of oxygen can be delivered to the cell thru the circulatory system, and the cell itself can absorb enough oxygen. If any of the muscle cells are in a weakened state because they don’t get enough good nutrients, and therefore cannot grow to capacity, it is impossible for them to perform at maximum potential when the athlete needs them, regardless of the training methods used.

You need to understand which energy system or combination of energy systems are being used in sports, such as football, wrestling, basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball, tennis, swimming, track & field, etc. Doing long distance training during the season, unless it is track or swimming (distance events), can be a waste of time because that energy system isn’t used.

Wrestling has made many significant changes in the past few years; example: making the athlete dehydrate down to make a lower weight-class. This procedure has led to many deaths in past years and many high school federations have now implemented strict rules against this practice to protect the athlete. Training the athlete while they wear “rubber” suits is a dangerous practice and can cause liability problems for the coach and school. Think about it, 78% of a muscle is water and up to 70% of your body weight is water. If an athlete is asked to lose weight, they are losing water, which immediately equates to loss of strength and performance. Athletes can sweat 1-2 liters an hour, and most athletes drink less than they sweat. The result is dehydration.
Dehydrating only 2% body weight – just 5 pounds in a 250 pound athlete – can impair physical performance. It is suggested that you weigh your athletes before and after workouts and learn to adjust fluid intake to minimize loss - not maximize it! If weight loss occurs, re-hydration after the activity is critical. Athletes cannot recover from weight loss to event time regardless of what the coach may think, even if the athlete attempts to drink enough fluid.

Stimulants speed- up heat buildup, so products that speed players up heat them up. Amphetamine and cocaine are the most dangerous, but ephedra is the most prevalent.

Are your athletes lifting weights? Are they training for strength, power, quickness, endurance or a combination? Are they training the ATP/PC, Lactate, Glycogen, or Fat energy system or some combination? The coach has a responsibility to the athlete to help them understand what they are doing and why.

These are a few examples of the coaches responsibility to the athlete, parents of the athlete and the school.

What can a coach do to optimize athletic performance?

I suggest you look at a nutrition program called “Nutripoints” by Dr. Roy Vartabedian, Dr.P.H., M.P.H. ( and Co-Author of my new book “The Winning Edge: Fueling & Training The Body For Peak Performance.”

I do not recommend vitamin/mineral supplements because they are fragmented and rarely get into the system to do any good. If you want to reach optimum nutrition at the cellular level you should take a serious look at “Juice Plus+, The Most Scientifically Documented Whole Food Based Nutritional Concentrate in History.”

Take a look at the articles on my website:; pull out the articles that interest you the most, read them and make them available to your athletes and parents.

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