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I am constantly asked about the value of various health products that are touted to be “Fat Burners”, the best “Supplements”, the best “Weight Loss/Nutrition Program”, etc.  As a result of these questions, Designs for Fitness has researched these topics, and recommends the following: 

LATEST RESEARCH: Worldwide re-search now positively links poor nutrition to Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Alz-heimers, Arthritis, and other health pro-blems.  The KEY to good nutrition lies in our eating of plenty of Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, and Legumes (beans, peas, nuts, seeds).

Dr. Roy Vartabedian, previously Director at the Cooper Institute for Aerobic Research and author of the International Bestseller: Nutripoints, analyzed over 3,600 foods for their overall nutritional value.  His research showed that of the 6 food groups analyzed, the very highest were #1: Vegetables, and #2: Fruits.  In fact, he indicates that 70 of the 100 minimum Nutripoints recommended each day should come from Fruits and Vegetables.  Dr. Vartabedian stresses the importance of eating whole foods in their natural form in order to intake all of the known and unknown factors in foods which are beneficial to the body, and were created in our foods for optimum health.   

Although I recommend that people eat fresh, raw fruits and vegetables, they are commonly the most neglected foods in the diet.  Rather than recommend a vitamin supplement to compensate, I recommend a whole food concentrate called “Juice Plus+”: fruits and vegetables in capsule form.  NSA, the company which produces Juice Plus+, harvests 10 different vegetables and 7 fruits at their optimal stage of ripeness, which increases nutrient content (and bioavailability). They then quickly process the produce, removing the water, sugar and sodium, while retaining the nutrient and enzyme value.  Because it is a “whole food” supplement, it contains a balance of all of the known and unknown factors in the foods such as “phyto-chemicals” (natural plant chemicals which enhance human performance and prevent disease).  Therefore, Designs for Fitness believes Juice Plus+ is the next best thing to actually eating fresh, raw fruits and vegetables.

Research published in Current Therapeutic Research, Volume 57, Number 6, June 1996 has shown  Juice Plus+ to be effective in enhancing  “antioxidant” levels in the blood-stream more effectively than traditional “antioxidant supplements” such as vitamin E, A, and C.

Designs for Fitness highly recommends that you consider adding Juice Plus+ to your daily food intake.

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