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Can you trust them?
The supplement industry is enormous, earning billions and billions of dollars each year. Yet only a small handful of these supplements actually impact sports performance in a positive way, regardless of manufacturer claims.

Even more serious is the high number of supplements that contain compounds banned by sports organizations. There are potentially serious health risks for the athlete and serious liability risk for the coach or trainer who recommends them. Too many supplements are still tainted with banned substances such as stimulants and anabolic steroids.

Swiss scientists recently purchased 103 different supplements from American and European companies. These included 37 from the prohormone category (all prohormones are banned by the International Olympic Committee), 42 creatine brands, 12 mental enhancers, and 12 branched-chain aminio acids.

This study clearly indicates that supplements are not safe to use, not only for the athlete but anyone interested in good health. There are too many instances in which supplements contain banned compounds and/or the labels donít list all the ingredients. In fact, at a ratio of 1 in 5 supplements being tainted, the odds are against using these supplements. If this isnít enough, two of the products tested, with a manufacturers recommended intake, would result in 22 and 26 mg of metandienone entering your body; a banned AAS with clear and distinct health consequences.

Are the risks worth it? I donít think so!

The only downside of this particular study is that the researchers didnít mention the contaminated products by name and brand. I personally think exposing those companies that produce contaminated and mislabeled products is critical.

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