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What About High Protein Diets Today?

October, 2003




Dear Fitness/Nutrition Enthusiast:

Welcome to the first edition of the Designs for Fitness Newsletter. This newsletter is designed to keep you informed on the latest "Facts & Fantasies" in Nutrition & Exercise along with articles and insights. I hope you will find it educational and informative!



Facts About Protein

One of the most discussed items today seems to be the need for "high protein" content in your diet. How important is protein as an energy source? It is NOT a prime energy nutrient for the body. It provides only about 5-15% of the body's energy needs. If you exercise 2-3 hours or eat less than 1,000 calories per day, the body will rely more on protein for energy, converting it to fuel from muscle.

As a general rule, the amount of protein in a well- balanced diet is more than enough to supply the needs of vigorous exercise. If you eat excessive protein, the body simply converts it to fat and stores it. If you eat too many fats, you will get fat, likewise, if you eat an excess of protein, you will get fat.





How Much Protein?

How much dietary protein should an athlete consume on a regular basis? Strength and endurance athletes may need 1.2-1.6 grams of protein per kilogram (2.2 pounds) body weight each day. However, because athletes typically increase their energy intake during training, they should be able to obtain the protein they need from their ordinary foods and need not resort to special protein supplements.

What about the rest of us? Simply take your weight, divide it by 2.2 (converting it to kilograms) and multiply the result by .8; this tells you how many grams of protein you need each day. You literally have to starve to death not to get enough protein each day through your normal food intake. The "hype" today on "extra protein" is just that- HYPE!

If you want to read more on "high protein-low carbohydrate" diets, click on the link below to my website, then click on the "Articles" link. There are 3 good articles discussing this issue in detail.


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More Info on Diet and Training

Dr. Roy Vartabedian, author of the international bestselling Nutripoints Program ( and I have combined forces to write a new book entitled The Winning Edge: Fueling & Training The Body For Peak Performance. It answers many of the questions athletes and active individuals are asking today. It is available through my office by calling 1-866-204-8786 (Toll Free), or online by clicking on the link below . I also have a new fax number which is 541-476-1848; Voice Com number is 1-800-384-8786.


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One of the most frequently asked questions I get is "Why do you take Juice Plus+ and recommend it to others?" The answer: over 700+ research studies, good ones, now say cancer, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and stroke (to name a few) have been directly related to poor nutrition & the lack of fresh-raw fruits and vegetables in our diets.

In fact, the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, and the World Health Organization, now recommend that you and I eat 5-9 servings of fresh-raw fruits and vegetables every day. I simply can't do it and neither can most of the people I know and meet. I'm not interested in "supplements" because they are "fragmented" - bits and pieces of things put together in capsules; and because they are not supported by good scientific research.

After a great deal of research, I found Juice Plus+, the most scientifically documented whole food based nutritional concentrate in history. The key is in changing the cellular structure of the body from weak unhealthy cells to healthy ones; this is how disease is prevented. This is how I am able to increase my nutritional intensity with a whole food based concentrate and not waste time with fragmented vitamin/mineral supplements that are not validated with good research. This is also why I can wholeheartedly recommend Juice Plus+ to everyone.


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I hope you enjoyed this brief first issue. Please let me know topics that interest you for future editions!

Yours for Health & Fitness,

Jack Medina, M.A.
Designs for Fitness

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