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“Jack Medina’s high caliber of training plus the caring and professionalism that he extended has left an indelible mark. “
Lisa Iselin, NMD
National Safety Associates
Buffalo, New York

“Jack’s program should be a requirement in every business…”
Rand Marcus, President
Independent Insurance Agents
Salt Lake City, Utah

“Jack Medina was absolutely wonderful. His presentation was superb…”
Dr. Candace Corson, NMD
National Safety Associates
Indianapolis, Indiana

“You were, by far, the best speaker we have had…these business women owners are a very discerning group.”
Lou Sims, National Association of
Women’s Business Owners

“You delivered as advertised: very unique, highly informative, and exceptionally entertaining! A super job!”
Jerry Pollock, Manager
Prudhue Bay Engineering
ARCO Alaska

“All of the members in attendance advised me that they received more information from your one-hour presentation than they usually get from an 8 hour seminar. You have exceptional delivery…”
Jeff Romine, Vice President
American Society of Safety Engineers

“Your presentation at our families meetings, and to our coaches and volunteers added tremendously to the success of these games. You have inspired many of our parents, athletes and volunteers in their continued efforts to achieve sporting excellence…”
Pat Wendt, Program and Training Director
Alaska Special Olympics

“Jack has got to be one of the top public speakers in the business.”
John King, Administrative Officer
U.S. Department of Interior

“You are simply, one of the outstanding speakers I have ever heard. Conference Evaluation Forms indicated you were the highlight of this 3 day event.”
Melodye Turk, Executive Director
Colorado Safety Association


Author/speaker and an expert in Sports Performance Enhancement”. Jack Medina is available for speaking engagements, consultation and personal training of athletes in various sports, professional and amateur. Jack has written a new book, “The Winning Edge: Fueling & Training The Body For Peak Performance” with Dr. Roy Vartabedian, an internationally known New York Times Best Selling Author of the “Nutripoints” program for optimal nutrition. Both books are available online at www.jackmedina.com. Jack also has a monthly ezine (newsletter) available free which can be subscribed to on his website. All subscriber’s addresses will be confidential and not sold or given to any other organization or group.

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